We have an exciting Spring underway!

Atascocita Golf Club is proud to announce a huge capital investment by the Ownership into our club! The investment includes completely renovated greens on the point and pinehurst courses to be completed by fall of 2019.

The project officially kicks off on Monday April 15. We are scheduled to close the point course to begin construction on the new greens renovation we will fumigate completely sod collars & sprig greens with new Tif Eagle Bermuda. Our plan is if mother nature cooperates with us the point course will be open in June.

Once the point course reopens, we will close the pinehurst course and we will go through the same process for pinehurst as we did with the point course. We anticipate opening pinehurst in early September. Our goal through this process is to always have 18 holes open for you to play.

We are very excited about the next steps in the full golf course transformation. Be a part of something great and help grow our membership!!

Fairways & Greens,
Ken Kirchhofer, PGA